It’s summer, on a windless day in the Canyon. Down at the Easy H the air conditioner chugs along, threatening to break down every few minutes. Mostly people sit alone, silent, staring at their drinks or eating chilli wings. Danny Whitten and Lucinda Williams trade shots and shoot eight ball. “Our Lady of the Well” plays on the jukebox and the house band are setting up. It’s Caitlin Harnett and The Pony Boys, and they’re here to make you dance and break your heart all at once.

“A folk singer’s voice, a country singers heartache’s and a songwriter’s talent.” Bernard Zuel, Sydney Morning Herald

“Sounds like a wonderful lush mix of folk and country with soulful touches.” Chris Familton, Post To Wire

“She doesn’t seem to worry about modern trends; it’s all about classic songwriting – and a voice filled with heartache, sorrow and joy. “Jeff Jenkins, The Music, ABC radio

“Her sound is earnest and wonderfully simple, like a straight answer in a sea of bullshit.” Emma Dallas, PAN Magazine